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People dating that are from two different cultures can make a relationship special and fun. If you let it, it can also make the relationship fail. Patience when certain ideas or situations arise is the key. Things like how you treat her family and friends are at the top of the list. This is her world and you should not try to change it. If there is something about the Thai culture you hate then you need to reconsider dating or seeking future Thai mail order brides. Most Thai brides will be very quiet and submissive to you but they are not stupid.



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Do not think that you can just take her to bed after a date. When it comes to Thai dating, the first date is important and do not be too aggressive or bossy as if she is already your lady. She will have been looking forward this date and the little things will mean a lot.

Do not get into comparisons about yours or her country. Do not bad talk Thailand or your country too much or she may think you are crazy. Thai people respect their government more and do not criticize it as much. This is not necessarily better but it is the way it is.

Don't be a good guy all the time. First impressions are important and you have to show you are a man and not someone hard up for a date. A Thai mail order bride is still a woman and no woman wants a man no other woman wants. At least they do not respect this type of man. you will be expected to carry the conversation. If she answers with an attitude and no smile then she does not like you or you do not want a grouch like her. Be real and do not think you have to impress her with money or your ego.


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When you go to Thailand do not let the exotic environment take you into a false sense of being in a fantasy world although in many ways that's exactly where you are! The sun, the beaches, the women and the food will make you not want to leave. Your search for a Thai wife should not be done with a clouded mind. If you arrive and decide you want to see the country and freelance with the ladies since it is your first trip then do it and get it out of your system. For some men it may take more than one or two trips! Prices for hotels for instance will be cheap and when you are in a hotel room on a beautiful beach in Pattaya which you paid $40 a night for (same room in Miami would be $250+ a night), moving here may enter your mind. When you are getting one of the famous 'Soapy massages' with a pretty, young Thai girl rubbing her body all over yours to give you the best massage possible, the thought may come up again. When you see all the merchandise for sale at a fraction of what it costs back home you will realize that the world is quite different in this part of the world. A Thai bride could still be on your mind at this time but where the two of you would live may be in debate.

The point I am trying to make is that in your quest in choosing one of the many Thai mail order brides from a good Thai dating website, do not let culture shock get to you because if you never have been to Thailand it will be the kind of place you will talk about a lot when you get home. You may talk about the place more than any one lady you met when you were there.


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