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Questions For Your Future Asian Wife

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When you first meet someone that you like there are many things you will ask them but you may not think of the best and most important questions because of all the excitement. That's OK but this is a list of some questions you should ask early on into the relationship, but not necessarily on the first date.

Asian wives have a true reputation as being hardworking, loyal and great raisers of children. They have cooking skills that have been passed down and taught daily from their parents, grandparents, etc. for hundreds of years. Cooking is an extremely important and well preserved part of all Asian cultures and to find native Asian girls that cannot cook is not easy. Considering we all eat everyday I would say that cooking is very important and many American women do not look at it this way. One of the negative things about American women not cooking as much as they did in the past is families do not eat dinner together and the family unit breaks down and everyone is to themselves and family member keep their business to themselves instead of sharing their lives with each other. Another bad result of this and just as important is people are not eating as healthy due to this. They eat out or quick, processed food and we all can see the result of this in American society. Asians that are overweight for the most part are the ones that live in the United States. This will not be a problem when you marry a native Asian girl.


What is your daily routine?

If you could live anywhere in your country what city or town would it be?

Are there any family members of yours living outside the country?

If yes, where?

Do you own a passport? You should try to get a look at it if you can.

Have you ever been out of the country?

If you moved overseas, would you want to go back to visit your country a lot?

Would you call your family a lot? About how often?

Are you comfortable using a computer?

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Do you like to read?

Can you adjust to living in a climate where its sometimes cold?

Are you a witch? (throw in some funny questions!)

What do you want to be doing ten years from now?

Do you go to dancing clubs to party often?

Do you drink alcohol? If yes, what do you drink and to what extent?


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Are you a smoker? If yes, elaborate

Would you consider yourself a risk taker?

Do you have any strong political views?

How well do you speak English?

Do you plan to learn English so you can speak better?

* Most women will automatically answer yes. At this time you have no idea if she really means it or not and there is no way of knowing at this point. Some people just cannot learn another language. This does not have much to do with education as desire is the main trait needed to learn it.


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Pay for her to go to English school while you are still dating. Tell her how important it is for her to learn the language where she will be living. Let it be clear that learning another language is important and doable if she makes a real effort and that millions of people do it. Point out the people she knows that can speak more than one language and if you can asks them to encourage her. Tell her to watch an hour or more a day of TV shows or movies in English. See how she does and if she really means to learn.

If she does not do well do not think that your relationship cannot work. Only you know how important this is to you. If will be a good idea to live near good public transportation when you get back to your country with her or she will rely on you for transportation all the time. If she is around people who speak English most of the time she can learn slowly back in the US. She should definitely watch TV in English every day to help her learn. You must test her from time to time too.



Are you sensitive when it comes to personal privacy?

Are you the kind of person who gets angry if someone talks bad about you?

Are you a reliable person? Are you usually on time?

Would you say you learn things fast?

What did you do on any jobs have you ever had?

Are you close to your brothers and sisters?

Do you like to be alone sometimes?

What do you think about public displays of love and affection?

Do you like the idea of a family eating dinner together every day?


Some Asian girls will feel a bit threatened if you ask them too many questions at one time so you should ask these questions over a period of time. This will vary from woman to woman so you may be able to ask as many questions as you like. Proceed according to how she reacts. Remember to tell her about yourself and how you feel on many of the topics that are brought up. Either way, these questions are very important in your search for your Asian wife and should not be overlooked.