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Meet Asian Women of Today

Millions live in a world more like yours than their parents!

(In only one generation!)


If you are seeking or considering dating Asian women for marriage then it makes sense for you to learn about her past and culture in order to understand how and why she believes certain things, thinks a certain way or how she looks at the world.

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There are many different Asian cultures that all have there specific ways of life. There is also no way one can say what any one woman has seen or experienced in her life within any one culture but we will talk about customs and ways of life that are across the board for Chinese, Fulipina and Thai cultures. Trying to meet Asian women in their environment is not easy. Once again there are many differences in the cultures but some things are very similar. For instance the way women are treated in those societys as far as their roles in the family and towards men in general. In China, women have been the traditional house keeper and the person in charge of raising the children. The population of China means that women have been very busy in China's history bearing children throughout their child bearing years. Year after year of this makes a woman's role there pretty much established. Having this role does not allow a woman to do much else so they never had the opportunities they now have. The one child law was the beginning of a revolution for women to do other things with their lives. It took a smart and strong Chines government to implement this and it looks like it is working very well as shortly after this law was put in effect China began its big growing period. The world has never seen anything like it and probably never will again.


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