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Asian Women White Men


asian women white menasian woman white man


The way Asian women started dating white men goes back to the days when both sides had no idea who the other was. A time of no communication or knowledge of anything past 100 miles or so from where most people lived. In this case it was no doubt during an expedition of a European country trying to expand their horizons and find treasures to bring back to their King or Queen. Men are men and during a trip they will try to get together with the local women, even during times they had no idea where they were. I guess this means that us guys will screw anything! Some of these white men brought diseases to the Asian women and were not resistant to some of the local germs themselves. Many of these Asian women white men get togethers did not end up very well for either one due to this.

All women are curious about men from another culture or country. When the man is from another race that makes it even more mysterious. Women from Korea or Japan will be less likely to mix with a man from another country compared to women from Thailand, The Philippines for instance. One reason is that their cultures are much more closed off to foreigners. Korea itself is somewhat isolated and less traveled to by tourists. Japan is not that way but their culture and customs are so different than those of the United States or Canada and many of them do not ever learn about other people and their ways let alone date one.

Thailand and the Phillipines on the other hand have hundreds of thousands of tourists from the West visiting every year. There are many areas where the local ladies go to meet men from these other areas. Japan gets lots of tourism but do not have areas like this where the women go in large numbers to meet foreign men. I am not saying that to see a white man dating or married to a Japanese or Korean woman is rare, but it is not as common.