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Filipina Brides

Most of these ladies speak English!


Its been said by many that dating Filipina women can lead to finding a great Filipina wife. They can be sexy and submissive at the same time. Sounds pretty good so far, no?

Since many of them speak English, this can make them even more appealing. The ability to speak with your spouse is great but there are men that think the inability to communicate directly by oral means makes her more exotic and special. To each their own. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. How you two feel about each other deep inside is what matters the most and mere words cannot explain that.


Filipina Dating

Your Filipina woman may eat American fast food and junk food occasionally

You will travel to different areas with her to meet family members

Members of her family who speak no or very little English will try to talk to you

You will be a semi celebrity as people will gaze at you (unless you are in the city)

Weird looking sandals are popular with them

If you are a tall black man someone may ask you if you play or played in the NBA

She will try to control some things like pick out your clothes for the day.

You will be bigger than most people and feel like a giant in crowds

You will bang your head going through some doorways

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Finding a Filipina wife is not a difficult task if this is what you desire. Filipina mail order brides are abundant in dating agencies all across the internet and in the real world there are already many married couples made up of Western men and Filipina women. You have to use a service that has been around for years and can be trusted.
A Filipina mail order bride service you are not familiar with like anything else online has to be checked out against scammers or mediocre services out there and you could get ripped off easily. Some services offer women that do not exist or provide old photos. Some charge too much since most do not know what a fair price for the service should be.


More Filipina Bride Tid Bits

Premarital sex may not be important to her.

They are more aggressive than Thai women

Her shoe collection will make you thinks she is related to Imelda Marcos

Prepare yourself to meet everyone she grew up near as well as family

Eggs and rice may be eaten any time of the day

European perfume is a favorite

Many Filipina women are into religion

You may be eating many new things from her insistence that you try them. Most of it will be surprisingly good


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The relationship the Philippines has had in the past with the United States and the military camps that have been there over the years has led to more English speaking native people. This means that there will be quite a few of the Filipina brides that a dating service has in its database will speak English. In most cases this is a plus to the men but there are some who want a woman that is raw and untouched from the Western world as much as possible. The women all state their language abilities in their profiles so do not worry.

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