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Foreign Ladies Tales

True tales of men from the U.S., Canada + Europe with some notes about their experiences dating women from overseas


foreign ladies



Name: Bob

Age: 45

Occupation: Traveling Salesman

How he met his wife: Mail order bride from the late 1960's


This is a story that can be told to near the end. Bob lives in Queens, NY and met his wife Lam through maybe one of the first mail order bride companies back in the late 1960's.

Bob brought Lam back to the United States from Vietnam and she immediately adjusted. This is not always the case when foreign ladies move to another country, even when they are in much more comfortable surroundings than they are used to, especially looking at the time and poverty Lam came from. Here country was devastated and much of her family killed. I guess it was not too hard to adjust if you had nothing and no more family.

They had two sons over time and were very happy. I was young when we visited them but could tell she was truly in love with him. Bob was a real nice guy, a Knick fan from the Clyde Frazier and Bill Bradley days. He was the kind of guy many American women would not like because he was too nice and would never do anything crazy. He was a little overweight but Lam loved every bit of him. These two people made each others lives so much better that I cannot think of a better situation in anyone else I ever knew.

I knew them because my mother was part Vietnamese and they were friends and she would take me to their house sometimes when she visit her. She was happy doing all the cooking, cleaning and raising the kids. Bob travelled a lot but I would see him enough to know he was very happy. They would hug each other all the time and you could see they had lots of love even after a decade of being married.

I do not know many details of what happened to them as my mother and Lam did not keep their friendship up after a while I think. What I do know is that Bob died a few years lady and my mother told me Lam cried like nobody she ever saw before. As for the kids I heard they took a turn for the worst and stopped going to school and got into juvenile trouble after Bob died. I think they may have been into a little trouble before he died because he was not home often due to travel for his job.

One of the things I learned is that Lam never learned how to speak good English and this hurt her ability to keep up with the kids schooling although it is no excuse. To learn English is very difficult when your first language is Vietnamese as the alphabet is completely different and the language is based on sound tones as much as spelling of words.




Name: Jerry

Age: 60

Occupation: Owns several cleaning stores

Marital History: Married 18 years, now divorced


Jerry was told about Sosua in the Dominican Republic 5 years before he ever came here. He finally came when his wife decided she did not want to be married to him anymore. He came in June for the first time and was back 30 days later. He tried a few Latin dating sites before he came here for good and met a foreign lady online. They ended up never meeting because he met another lady as soon as he arrived and she made sure he would not meet another woman and kept him close to her always. I had to tell him about her because he was naive to what goes on with some of the small time hustlers here. He met a lady named Anita that was treating him like his wife used to 15 years ago. I told him she was not "wife material" or even "girlfriend material" but he still saw her for a while. I guess he found this out on his own or maybe they just didn't hit it off anymore because he never spoke of her again.

He is the kind of guy that is used to having a woman in the house I learned and these guys get close to women much faster than the average guy. Its amazing what you learn about guys when they come down here. Its not all sex although on the surface some act like its more important than it is. Due to his businesses being very busy and turnover in employees, Jerry did not come back to Sosua for a full year. I was shocked because this is not normal. I think that he and his wife were probably back together as I know he really cares for her and their two daughters. But the following June he was back and again met and got serious with a young lady of 23 years the first week here. Being the kind of guys used to having a woman in the house, making this new lady a foreign bride had to be a possibility for the future, maybe the near future.

Believe it or not within three months he had bought a car for them (mostly her since he did not live here most of the time), an apartment and started an adult toy store for her to run. I was shocked and thought that this guy does not waste any time.