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Thai Mail Order Brides

Why are Thai Brides Looking for Foreigners?

  1. Skin. It might sound funny, but it’s actually true and very important to Thai Brides. They love white skin, and don’t like sunbathing, so keep that in mind. If you closely pay attention, you will notice how Thais bathe. They never undress completely;
  1. Great physical shape. It’s not really surprising that Thai single ladies are into men who are constantly in a good shape. Foreigners pay attention to their body and invest a lot of money into it;
  2.  Clothing. Foreigners love dressing stylishly, and that’s another plus. Most Thai brides think that an ideal man should look something like this: Denim shorts or jeans. Availability of quality belt. Lowered pants, sportswear; Availability of accessories - expensive watches, bracelet and other things are very attractive to them;
  3. Thai brides really dislike when a man raises voice on them, and quarrels do happen pretty often in Thai families. This is another reason why foreigners are a better choice. Most of them are a lot more polite and treat their woman with respect;
  4. Intelligence. It is no secret that Thai brides really want to live with a smart and well-educated man. Foreigners are just like that;
  5. Self-development. Most of the foreigners always set goals for themselves and never stop working. No matter how busy they are, they will always find time for self-development in order to keep getting better;
  6.  It would be silly to deny that some of the Thai brides are clearly gold-diggers, that just want to be with you because of your money. Even some of the laws in the country help them in that regard, because you usually have to pay a lot of money for your wife if you want to get married. For example, if a Thai girl is very beautiful and has a higher education, you will have to pay her parents up to 10 thousand dollars. Thais justify such high rates by local standards very logically - if the bride is smart and good-looking, she has nothing to do with a poor husband. However, you shouldn’t be too scared, because there is just a little amount of girls who are only in love with your money.

What is so Attractive About Thai Women?

Europeans and Americans are really into Thai brides, and this is not surprising, because girls from Thailand are very attractive. They have beautiful hair, a fine-molded figure, which is not affected by childbirth or age-related changes, excellent skin. In addition, their character has everything that men lack in compatriots: restraint, ardor and experience in sexual life, as well as unobtrusive care. We will discuss all of the advantages of beautiful Thai brides in this review:  

How to Figure out That Thai Brides are not Using You for Money?

You can say that Thailand despises prostitution, but still Thailand remains a country of sex tourism more than other Asian countries. Such an attitude towards a woman is not present, for example, in Nepal, Malaysia or Indonesia. There is not even such a large number of marriages between male foreigners and local women - Thailand comes first. Here families can sell their daughters, and husbands can encourage night trips to their wife’s work. The main supplier of girls to the market of sexual services in Thailand is the north-eastern part of the country: Isaana province - the poorest in Thailand. According to local tradition, the family should be kept by a woman, and the man should live for pleasure and never work. If there are many children in the family, the older sister works so that the others have the opportunity to learn. In this case, the boys first learn and rest, and the girls work, and then learn. In Thailand, children take care of their parents and the presence of children - this can be said of a secured old age. The word of parents is the law for children. Mothers can send their daughters to work where people spend money - in large tourist centers. At the same time, it does not matter how the daughter will earn, but more importantly the amount agreed in advance, which the girl should send home. This amount may increase over time. For girls in Thailand, manuals are issued on how to lure a farang, how to send sms correctly, how to make sure that after departure he sends her $ 300-600 per month and how to make sure that there are several such farangs that they don’t know the existence of each other. And if a Thai mailorder bride knows how to read and thinks well, she can earn $ 1000-3000 per month - and that is not the limit. If you want to prevent all of that and find the right woman for long-term relationships, you have to understand what type of a Thai woman you are dating. There are 4 types in total:  
  1. The first type: High society girls
These are girls from rich families. Their parents own the land, have their own business, or even have a relationship with the royal family. Unless you know Thai language or have some common friends, it will be almost impossible to get acquainted with them. However, the reward is incredibly big, because such women are clearly one of the prettiest in all of the world and very smart at the same time. Besides, you can know for sure that they don’t need money from you. You can meet such a girl at private meetings of the Thai high society or at private VIP parties.  
  1. Second type: Decent girls
Girls of this type have a job and are self-sufficient. They are negative about sex for money, so this is probably the best and most realistic type of women if you are looking for sincere love and serious relationships. Such girls can be found in Thailand anywhere: cafes, theaters, etc.  
  1. The third type: Freelancers
These are girls that make their living from prostitution. They do not work in bars or clubs, but work for themselves. You can find them in workplaces with low wages, in bars, in massage parlors, just walking in the street.   The best ones can also be found in clubs. They are beautiful, sexy dressed and know how to interest a man. From the very beginning of the conversation, they raise the topic of money. The usual rent is 1500-4000 baht per night. If you start bargaining, they will go looking for someone who will pay the whole sum. These girls are real businesswomen: as soon as sex ends, she is ready to go on a search for a new client.   Freelancers-adventurers are completely different. These girls are able to earn more than you. At the same time, their taxes are lower comparing to professional prostitutes. They also play the role of your wife, take care of you, guess all your needs, give you as much attention as you have never had before. You begin to think that this girl is special and does not resemble any Thai girl you have met before.   When you leave Thailand, she says she will be waiting for you. You communicate every day by phone or Skype. Then she tells you: “My mother is sick and she needs $ 200 to go to the hospital, my sister needs $ 200 for school (for $ 200 you can actually pay a whole year of study), I need money to send my family a gift for Thai New Year. She says she misses you and thinks about you every day. So you keep sending her money for all the random stuff   What really happens is: While you communicate with her on Skype, another man is sleeping in her bed. She spends her money to buy herself makeup or condoms for sex with another  man. As soon as she hangs up, after talking to you, she calls the other 4 boyfriends who she says the same stuff as she did to you. When you once again arrive for a couple of weeks, she will be with you and will again play the role of an exemplary wife.   All of this is clearly a scam, so don’t get tricked into this. If all she does is talk about money, then you dump her immediately.  
  1. The fourth type: A girl in the bar
These are prostitutes, which can be found in bars or go-go clubs. They are "attached" to a particular institution and work every day. To leave with such a girl, you have to pay the bar, and then pay her.   The girl is not necessarily in slavery at the bar, but she signs a contract under which she can’t just leave. If you are interested in such a girl and want her not to work in the bar anymore and live with you, then you will have to buy her from the establishment for 10-20 thousand baht. After that, she stays with you for the first couple of months as an exemplary wife. This lasts until the high season begins, and before she does not see a new influx of tourists. Then she gives you an ultimatum - either you pay her 20 thousand baht per month, or she returns to the bar again.   In the high season, all these girls seek to make money on farangs, and in the low season to find themselves a long-term farang living in Tae.   These types of girls are clearly good if you are looking just for sex. They are clearly better than so-called “freelancers”, because they don’t trick you into anything. They just do their job and you already know what to expect from them.  

Things You Should Pay Attention to if You Don’t Want to be Disappointed


It is hard to break relationships with a Thai bride.

I’m talking about decent girls, not prostitutes. If a Thai bride has a good upbringing and education, it is hard to quit. She will try by all means to keep the relationship. You will not be able to pay off from such a girl. For example, you can’t just say that you need to leave and will continue supporting her with money. Even if you become a real tyrant in a relationship, she will tolerate and forgive everything. Some of the guys use this feature as an advantage. They fall in love with a girl and live quietly at her expense, not working at all.  

You can not leave the Thai darling alone.

Thai women for marriage hate being alone at home. They prefer to have fun, to visit crowded places, to be in the company. She will write and call every 5 minutes while you are apart, so it might be a bit annoying.  

They are very attractive, but you will also face a lot of competition.

Girls are taught to be attractive since childhood. The more beautiful the girl is, the more offers she receives from men. She will not look for gentlemen, but will respond to courtship.   If your darling is very attractive, you will have to fight for her. Even if she chooses you, offers from other men will still come. She will always be tempted to go to another. However, if she falls in love with you, she will not betray you.  

Don't let relationships evolve too fast.

Decent Thai girls start talking about the wedding very early, this is their mentality. Sometimes they talk about the engagement after a couple of weeks after the start of a love relationship (and some of them even talk about it after 2-3 meetings and a month of correspondence).   Thai girl can put an ultimatum: no sex before the wedding. It is not necessary to be led to any provocations, because the wedding must be approached responsibly. It’s impossible to fully recognize a person in just a few weeks. In any case, a successful marriage requires a test of time.

Girls from Thailand are very vengeful

  If the relationship is broken and the girl realizes that you will not return, she feels offended. It was you who was to blame for everything that happened (self-criticism is not peculiar to Thai women). Rest assured, your ex-darling might start a revenge. For example, she might reveal your serious secrets, secrets that you once entrusted to her. As a result, you can get into trouble.  

Opinion of others

Beginning a relationship with a Thai girl, prepare yourself mentally that the environment will react negatively to this. Most people in Thailand adhere to the stereotypes that Thai women meet with foreigners just because of money.  


Every person has a sense of jealousy. Thais are no different. And this applies to both decent ladies and girls of easy virtue. Marrying a Thai woman might be challenging for some people, because they are jealous of a lot of things. Whether it's a childhood friend, a colleague, or even a friend's wife. She will constantly check your phone, call you, find out where you are, etc. If you are committed to a serious relationship, it is better not to give a reason for jealousy.  


Thai brides are truly fantastic in every way. The pros definitely outnumber the cons, so as long as you know what you are doing, Thai brides are a great choice.